About Swatch Loft

Welcome to SWATCH LOFT, an exciting new Design Studio producing swatches for the home-wears market, The fashion industry, and the children’s wear/home market.
Within our portfolio’s we also introduce our vintage collection and vintage wall-paper collection, recognising the trend for all things vintage. We also provide a beautiful Christmas portfolio ranging from vintage wrapping papers to contemporary ideas that appeal to a variety of customers.

Here at SWATCH LOFT we stop at nothing to offer our customers a variety of innovative designs to be highly trend focused and original.

Founded by Kirsty Norris in the summer of 2011, Kirsty 34, worked on researching the most important trends coming through in the industry at that time and for the coming months- to put together a varied collection to launch SWATCH LOFTS FIRST WINTER COLLECTION- 2012. Kirsty and her team of designers continue to produce two main collections each year. Each range is carefully put together by Kirsty and was born from her many years of textile design experience and passion for design. Each design is beautifully drawn and crafted, and carefully researched to make sure our designs are of the highest standard in the Industry and meeting current trends and styles.

SWATCH LOFT offers a multi media collection of innovative designs that work together with the current and upcoming trends within the fashion and home industries. The collection consists of printed design, all in repeat to be placed straight into manufacture- perfect for high street brands and independent fashion/children’s and home wear labels in need of original and exciting design direction. The collection also showcases some of the most talented embroidered designers that have been lovingly picked from different areas of the globe.

SWATCH LOFT will showcase two ranges a year each featuring each seasons most popular trends. This will ensure SWATCH LOFT always offers a fresh and exciting collection that is ever changing keeping a contemporary feel. SWATCH LOFT also has a nursery and kids range offering beautifully tailored fun designs which again follow the upcoming season’s trends.

About Kirsty

Kirsty studied “Fashion Textiles with Business Studies” at the University of Brighton in 1996 and specialised in printed design. After receiving a BA (HONS) degree in the year 2000 she had now completed 6 years of training. She then gained experience in London and New York designing cutting edge collections for a range of prestigious companies. She developed a unique style, producing embroidered and embellished collections and swatch ideas for adults and children. Finding her niche in home wears she then went to Australia to pursue an opportunity designing bed linen and home wear ranges for KAS AUSTRALIA a leading home furnishing company for a further 7 years. In this time she became aware of production capabilities and technological advances and applied this within her design work, becoming a well rounded designer aware of what can be achieved in manufacture, and refining her skills in the home-wear market.
In 2009 she started her own children’s home furnishing brand called Koodle Doodle Design and continued working on producing ranges for the high end quality children’s brand which she still runs today.

In 2011, after 14 years of designing for adults and children’s home-wears she felt it was time to create her own Design Studio, and focus her experience on producing a great range of swatches for children and adults with an emphasis on originality and design direction. Her collections are fresh and innovative, involving new techniques and manipulation that are eye catching and of course appealing to our customers.

About our Designers

Kirsty spent months looking for designers with the most varied skill sets.

I feel Swatch Loft represents a varied hand writing, consisting of the freshest and most outstanding talent in the world today” Kirsty BA (Hons)

SWATCH LOFT gives those designers a platform and opportunity to get their designs in front of the correct buyers in the chosen market. Our designers are from many areas of the globe, England, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Wales, Scotland, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Australia, Brazil, and Sweden to name a few and of course this adds to the collections’ authenticity. We currently have over 50 Designers on our books, making our collection vast and varied.

The Designers that make up the SWATCH LOFT team are also skilled in many areas- from kids fashion and nursery, to ladies and men’s fashion, graphic designers, embroidery and appliqué designers, card and gift wrap designers, CAD designers (computer derived), and screen print designers. We work on a variety of media, from card to fabric- and print digitally onto this varied media as well as screen print.

About our Customers

SWATCH LOFT offers a high quality, impeccably finished product at a competitive price for our trade buyers. We are attending a variety of trade events and consumer shows this year to introduce our portfolios into market. Our designers are working closely with Kirsty throughout the creation of each range, to make sure every design is completely unique and in turn beautiful adding something special to the collection.
Our collection targets mid to high end Designer Labels and High Street Retailers and we hope we offer something new and cutting edge for their ranges and contributes to the movements and trends within the fashion and home-wear industry.

“I am honoured to be part of something as exciting as Swatch Loft and hope it provides designers with an opportunity to shine and make their visions become reality” says Kirsty “there is nothing more exciting than walking into a shop you love and seeing one of your designs on a garment or home product – it makes being a designer worth while and make you feel alive”