Swatch Loft Services

At SWATCH LOFT we offer a range of services.

  • For printed designs we offer full CAD repeats in which ever size our customer requests.
  • We can resize and rescale designs to suit our customer’s needs. We usually work on repeat size 64cm x 64cm, but we can tailor or re colour any design to any scale.
  • We offer repeats also for the wall paper market.
  • Our dedicated designers can do colour-ways and co-ordinates for any design requested by our customers.
  • We can work to briefs if our clients request us to do so, and work on commissioned artworks at an agreed daily rate or charge per design.
  • We offer a Christmas portfolio that is constantly updated.
  • We provide a trend prediction service to customers- outlining what our research covers for each season, and are constantly updating our trends for each season.